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Métis Design & Culture

With 10 years in business behind us, Métis Design & Culture proposes a range of cremation products intended for professionals in the field.

Motivated by the desire to give life to an object defined by its linear purity, formal elegance and innovative concept, we have sought to create urns appealing to connoisseurs of design.

Consumers are looking for change, for products different from the current market offer, and will be attracted by our contemporary cremation urns, which are state-of-the-art yet very competitively priced.

The urn, formerly hidden or tucked away behind the stela of a columbarium, now becomes a decorative object to be displayed.

Métis Design & Culture is looking long-term, because cremation is becoming increasingly popular with families, both in America and Europe. Funeral market stakeholders are also well aware of this.

Luc Perreault